devon-happy-hour-headshot-philadelphia-35581Devon Powers is Professor of Communication and Media at the University of Michigan.  Her research explores historical and contemporary consumer culture and the dynamics of cultural intermediation, circulation, and promotion. She is the author of On Trend: The Business of Forecasting the Future (University of Illinois Press, 2019), Writing the Record: The Village Voice and the Birth of Rock Criticism (University of Massachusetts Press, 2013), and co-editor of Blowing Up the Brand: Critical Perspectives on Promotional Culture (Peter Lang, 2010). Her academic work has appeared in Communication Theory, New Media & Society, Journal of Consumer Culture, and Creative Industries Journal, among others; she has also written for popular venues such as Wired, Atlantic Monthly, the Washington Post, and the Philadelphia Inquirer. 

Devon received her Ph.D. from New York University’s Media, Culture, and Communication program, and her BA is from Oberlin College.

Find Devon on LinkedIn, Twitter, and the website of the University of Michigan (coming soon).

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